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170*170mm/1*RTL8111 LAN/1*COM /1*DDR3LSODIMM/1*MINI-PCIE/1*SIM/1*MINI-SATA/1*SATA_HDD/1*SATA/2*HDMI /1*LVDS /4*USB2.0/4*USB3.0

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The main chip
Chip manufacturer Intel
CPU slot On-board CPU
On-board CPU intel J3160
Main board structure Mini-ITX
Board size 170mm*170mm
Power supply mode DC 12V
The cooling mode Have a fan
Number of com 1
Number of usb 8
SATA Number 2
Memory type DDR3L SODIMM
The memory model Single channel
Max memory capacity 8G
The graphics sound network
graphics output 2*HDMI,1*LVDS
Network chip RTL8111EL
Net amount 1
Sound card type ALC 662
The onboard interface
Mini-PCIE 1
HDMI extensions port 2*8 2.0mm connector
front audio port 2*5 2.54mm N8 port
Serial COM port 2*5 2.54mm N10 port
COM ports number 1
USB2.0 port 2*5 2.54mm N9 port
USB2.0 Number 4
SATA Number 2
DC IN port ATX 4pin
The rear interface
USB3.0 4
Audio 1
Mic 1
Optical fiber 1

Service commitment

1, From your purchase, the WTM to sell the product provide corresponding warranty period;
2, the WTM products implemented in different places to buy, the national Lianbao, namely no matter in any place you buy the WTM products, you choose any a WTM authorized service stations have a responsibility according to "WTM and service commitment" to you to provide services to ensure your satisfaction of using WTM products;
3, you can through call the nearby city of micro step authorized service station service hotline, consult the relevant technical problems. WTM provides you with six days a week, 9:00am-18:00pm phone hotline Advisory Service (except legal holidays). Hotline: +86-755-82544054

主板采用Braswell平台的Intel® Celeron® Processor J3160 (2M Cache, up to 2.24 GHz) CPU(客户也可定制同平台的N3160,N3150,J3710等CPU的主板),Braswell 是基于英特尔最新微体系架构和14 nm制造工艺技术的下一代多核片上系统 (SoC)。它是为低功耗入门级 2 合 1 设备、笔记本电脑、台式机和一体机量身设计的,它将取代现有的22nm Bay Trail系列产品.



DDR3L SO-DIMM 单条最大支持到8G

双HDMI高清显示接口分辨率最大支持3840x2160 ,可流畅播放4K视频,解码能力出众










1 * manual
1 * drive disc
1 * cable
1 * the power cord
1 * I/O block slice
1 * packaging

If you use WTM product fails, WTM provides the services to you under thefollowing terms:

1, from the date of your purchase, WTM warranty all our products available;

2, WTM products purchased in other place, the whole country, that WTMwherever you purchased products, you choose any of the WTM is theresponsibility of authorized service station under the "WTM superior servicecommitment" to provide you with services, ensure you use WTM products;

3, micro temai authorized service stations close to the city you can callthe service hotline, consult the relevant technical problems. WTM offers Sixdays a week, 9:00am-18:00pm telephone hotline consultation service every day(except official holidays) 086-0755-82544054. Telephone complaints:13927447156

4, purchased from your WTM within the warranty period from the date of thecorresponding product, because non-human factors hardware failure, you canchoose to repair or replacement;

5, service: WTM customer repair services, you will be served WTM productdealer or WTM authorized service station services

6 confirmation of warranty period:

WTM product warranty period from the date of purchase of the productcalculation, customer must provide the original proof of purchase of theproduct (such as invoice or a valid proof of purchase, etc); when theguaranteed period if you are unable to provide original proof of purchase,the warranty period to buy back 2 months from the production date iscounted. When unable to provide original proof of purchase, within thewarranty period, the product warranty will be paid fees of WTM.

7, replacement and maintenance of:

Shifting: products Yu purchase Hou shifting period within, if found non-equipment compatible sex problem or non-human damaged of products quality problem Shi, can and WTM or its authorized station contact products replacement service; (WTM only on products subject for replaced, annex, and information, and packaging box, not is replaced range, replaced products only limited to new or function normal, and with model capacity of good products; shifting period within customer by purchase of products model as has discontinued, replaced products will only limited to different model with capacity of products)

Maintenance: the product was purchased within the guarantee period, iffalling within the scope of free warranty of product quality problems, cancontact the WTM, or its authorized service station maintenance services(customer's purchase of the model has been discontinued, products are freewarranty period will continue until 6 months after product discontinuation)

8, if either of the following conditions occur, would be beyond the scope offree warranty:

1) cannot provide a valid warranty card and valid proof of purchase or acopy;

2) WTM without written permission of the company in case of modification,disassembly or maintenance fault;

3) product on the volume screen printing or laser code serial number worn,missing;

4) bending and deformation due to external USB interface and otheranomalies, product shell damage, deformation and other anomalies;

5) according to the operating manual or not according to the instructions onthe manual maintenance failure caused by damage;

6) product damage is affected by force majeure disaster (such as flood,fire, earthquake, lightning, wind, etc), human destruction (such as beating,fall, break, bash, etc) failure, human error, computer interfaces (such asdrowning, lost, not keep) or other abnormal use;

7) product damage due to product damage caused by computer virus or poison;

8) pressure or due to physical or electronic and electromagneticinterference, instability and misuse of power, lightning, static electricity, fire, or other damage caused by force majeure;

9) due to exposure or stored in inappropriate environment (including high temperature, low temperature and high humidity environment) as a result ofdamage;

10) due to customer improper repair to WTM, or authorized service station on the way shipping and packaging caused by the loss or damage;

11) the WTM product used in research and development, production orprofessional failure or damage caused by the tests;

9, notes:

1) if the product does not conform to the scope of free warranty or out ofwarranty, WTM will, where appropriate, receive product repair services,charges WTM will be developed on the basis of details please contact theWTM, or its authorized service stations;

2) customers should make their own responsible for the information stored inthe product, customers at the time of application for warranty withoutrecording data backup products; WTM without loss of data stored on theproduct liability;

3) without any authorization by the WTM WTM products used include thefollowing but not limited to, military, medical, traffic control, disasterprevention and other industries, and related equipment and cause personal orproperty damage incident, WTM will not bear any legal responsibility. If you need a special product specifications or special requirements, pleasecontact the WTM to find the correct and suitable products.

4) counterfeit micro Ltd Shenzhen product tort or manufacturers of productsoutside the scope of the service policy of the services. WTM company or itsauthorized service stations have the right to identify and determinecounterfeiting or violations and denial of service.

5) prior to January 1, 2010 sale of WTM 09 before the products according to the quality assurance policy, products sold after January 1, 2010, by 2010new quality assurance provisions, products sold after June 1, 2012, 2012 newquality assurance provisions.

6) on WTM warranty service policy Shenzhen micro limited reserves the rightof final interpretation of all above content are not in accordance withregulations of the State Department, is subject to state regulations.

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