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How to distinguish single-chip, embedded computers and motherboards

Time: 2016-09-06 visit: 130
SCM Acronym MCU, the full name of Micro Controller Unit, Chinese microprocessor. Integrated on a single chip ROM, RAM, FLASH memory, external only need to add power, reset, clock circuits, can become a simple system. Therefore, SCM Getting easy to learn a lot of developers do not need to spend money to buy tools. Assembly or C programming examples to develop more, keil compiler, STC microcontroller download easy, mostly open source emulator, so popular with novice learning SCM blitz. In many domestic companies still use single-chip product development, in which low-end products, cost-effective, is the main reason for the development of simple, so learn the microcontroller at home or have a certain market.

Embedded stands for Embedded System, Chinese for embedded systems, the use of ARM, Power PC, the other 16-bit / 32-bit MCU do processor, on-board BOOT boot process, memory, FLASH, debug port, watchdog, serial the basic application buttons, etc., according to the project or needs of the market, generally with Ethernet, LCD, USB transfer, and other commercial or industrial applications bus, meet the storage, transmission, system operation needs. General use vxworks, linux, ucos, winen operating system and other software development. Multi-use C or C ++ language development, the need to purchase the emulator, download and other development tools, we need to invest some funds. Rich online learning materials, example source code, or more, but entry more difficult, to have certain hardware and software infrastructure. Embedded large domestic market, they are generally concentrated in low-end products. Developers demand, high wage rates, to become an embedded software or hardware engineer substantially no unemployment.

Computer motherboard, a total of two categories, one business PC, such as desktop and notebook motherboard; the other is industrial or military board, such as industrial machines, one machine, the class can be understood as professional as industrial control, or to meet military embedded motherboards demand is generally based on Power PC-based or X86 processor, onboard bOOT boot process, memory, mass storage (such as hard disk). On the environment (high and low temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility) adaptability, strong processing capability of the processor, the domestic development of the Linux operating system, mostly, mostly in C or C ++ language development. Need to buy emulator requires development board downloader and other development tools, the need to invest sufficient funds. Getting more difficult, to have certain hardware and software infrastructure, computer systems have a certain understanding.