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OPS solution

Multimedia teaching all-in-one solution

Time: 2015-08-20 visit: 583

Using infrared touch technology, multimedia teaching all-in-one intelligent office software, multimedia network communication technology, the high clear panel display technology and so on many technology integrated into an organic whole, integrated the projector, electronic board, computer (optional), television, touch and other equipment, which integrates multi-functional interactive teaching equipment, to upgrade the traditional display terminal for full-featured human-computer interaction equipment. Through this product users can realize writing, notation, painting, multimedia entertainment and computer operation, directly open the equipment can be easily deduce wonderful interactive classroom.

1, the previous service

- communication, both sides understand each other, form a cognitive empathy for a project

- sample testing to make sure the motherboard to get results and user want the budget needs of customers, to achieve cooperation

2, solutions

- the design scheme to show product figure (3 d)

Deepening design (scheme) can be adjusted according to requirements in the process of cooperation

3, after-sales service

- cooperation can provide free after-sales service, in the CRD.

- provide personalized modification service.